Expanding the Thought: Wasting Abundance

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A few days ago I posted Wasting Abundance.It details how that we are heading toward existential collapse while we enjoy unprecedented abundance. Since, I have expanded the scope:


  • Recognizing AbundanceWasting Abundance

    To leverage abundance, you have to recognize when it appears

  • Defining Abundance

    What is abundance in the post-modern world?

  • Distributing Abundance

    We have abundance, but it is poorly distributed.

  • Abundance History

    How does current abundance compare?

  • Abundance turned against

    Abundance as a class issue

  • What do you do with abundance?

    How do we learn to accept, respect and better distibute abundance?

  • Abundance leads to Abundance
    • Thus it must be respected if it is to be maintained
    • Is there such a thing as too much abundance?

  • The unique history of the United States and abundance

    Unlike most nations, the US began and continues as a bountiful enterprise. That
    fact drives abundance around the world.

Future Fodder

How well we manage our abundance--our problem is too much, not too little--determines how well we survive the 2040s and beyond. I look forward to exploring this more and especially itch to tackle the unique story of US history and abundance.