The 2040s are Already Here, Uranus-Pluto

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 Why are the 2040s already here? Since I launched the facebook page, The 2040s are Already Here, February 2014, I have yet to answer that question. Like most things historical—Measuring History relies heavily on history—one answer fails to suffice. Most briefly put, why the 2040s matter combines what we know about the future and what we can expect from outer planet patterns

The 2040s is to the 2010s as the 2010s are to the 1960s

20120624 ura 90plu outersThe Uranus-Pluto opening (90ºsquare dominates the 2010s, both planets traveling within a few degrees of the square from late 2009-2017. Through mutual squares to Uranus, we see a virtual square between the two through 2020-2021. One could easily argue that upheaval of the 2010s matches or surpasses the magnitude of the 1960s. One could also easily see many of today's issues as more developed versions of ones in that earlier decade.

Many of the issues, marriage equality, Black Lives Matter, gender workforce balance, climate change and other environmental tragedy relates back to the 1960s when Uranus and Pluto conjoined. One of the best examples we see in the US Republican Party's reliance on its 'Southern Strategy', which uses the fear of the other to win support from the White majority. Since that majority status now fades, the obvious question is how long will that reliance last? What will its next strategy look like? This is only an example, so these questions will be addressed elsewhere. Another is imminent ecocide Rachal Carson warned of in Silent Spring.

whythe2040sarealreadyhere 2016version slide4 20102040sThe 1960s to 2010s is more than an outer planet observation. It is a mainstream topic noticed by many.

Thus, it is quite logical to suggest that the 2040s is to the 2010s as the 2010s is to the 1960s. The dominant issues of that decade will rely heavily on actions executed during the present decade.

One obvious way to see this connection looks to the many projections that futurists, lawmakers, banks, governments use to examine at or plan what come ahead., for instance, suggests human/robot integration and that many diseases will be eradicated. But it also predicts mass displacement of coastal areas from sea level rise. Population projections expect 9-10 billion by 2050. Water and soil resources stresses arrive simultaneously with these numbers. Scientists project the depletion of wild ocean fish.

The 2040s are already here because the only way we can prevent these projections from manifesting is to prevent them from happening.

It takes very little to connect dots here. We know that the longer we longer we fail to stem greenhouse gases, the greater the consequence. Experience also shows that reasonable action continues to face delay thirty years since Jim Hansen first testified before Congress.

Other Uranus-Pluto oppositions

1851Uranus 180 Pluto1965The last Uranus-Pluto opposition, 1899-1904 fell between the 1890s Neptune-Pluto conjunction and the 1904-1913 Uranus-Neptune opposition. It does not stand out as much with events connected to these other two outer planet turning points. Yet there are many. Teddy Roosevelt took over from a fallen McKinley, Max Planck introduced quantum mechanics, Wright Bros first flew an aircraft, Einstein had begun his incredible work, radios first cackled, US steel broke the unions and a Serbian regicide set a firm foundation for World War I.19001019 maxplanckblackradiationformula

The previous opposition of the early 1790s coincided with French Revolution's Terror, which too included a regicide that would turn the tide of European history.

The 2040s look different only in context to its place in the longer Neptune-Pluto wave. 
Human-made (anthropogenic) climate change lasts for thousands of years. At current trend, our population reaches 9-10 billion. Now, water tables filled over millennia drop to dangerous levels in a few years.
Worse than all of the above, the will or ability to change course continues to lag far beyond our craftiness in extracting the most 1966Uranus 180 Pluto2104resources. The first Uranus-Pluto opposition appears about 2042, 26 years away. The complexity of the challenges we face, combined with our collective inability to take the hand off the throttle clearly tells us why the 2040s are Already Here.

The Uranus-Pluto connection is only the beginning. The 2030s Uranus-Neptune square is the next part in a complex narrative.