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Turning Points

1822Uranus-270-Neptune1992Let us begin with the decades freshest in most of our memories. The 1960s is known for assassinations, riots, civil rights protests and, big picture, a shift to a more casual, tolerant culture across the West. It is also known for the Vietnam War, the Space Race, the Cold War and the Seven Day War. All of these events grew roots in the 1950s. dominated 
While Uranus movednear exact square in the 1950s, many 1960s themes took shape:

  • Soviet Union acquires hydron bomb
  • USSR sends Sputnik into space
  • CIA overthrows Mossadegh
  • US becomes involved in Indo-China
  • Suez Canal Crisis
  • Rosa Parks demands her seat
  • Hungarian Uprising
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

Each of these events in some way became magnified in the 1960s. The Vietnam War, for instance, merged US involvement into Indo-China with the Cold War, turning the whole thing into a global proxy affair. The latter had separate ties to the Suez Canal Crisis; nations were choosing sides in their bid to secure indepndence. Nassar's 1956 natiionalization of the canal signaled the end of British and French Colonialism. Alegiance to the Uited States shifted because former powers were fading.