2040s Here-An Outer Planet History: 2040s - Big Events

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Big Events

Because Saturn traveled between Uranus and Neptune in the late 1980s into the 1990s, the effective conjunction period between the latter two is extended. The conjunction accompanied many watershed events such as:1993Uranus-0-Neptune2165

  • Tianemmen Square 
  • Collapse of the Berlin Wall
  • Fall of the Eastern Bloc
  • Unification of East and West Germany
  • First Gulf War
  • Internet and cell phones turn practical 
  • LA Riots

As I write this Uranus is within a few minutes of a square to Pluto. Across its effective range, 2008-2020, we have so far seen:

  • The Great Recession1966Uranus-90-Pluto2104
  • Obamacare
  • Climate Awareness Tipping Point
  • Fukushima Disaster
  • Arab Spring
  • EU troubles
  • Social netwiorks
  • Occupy Movement

Across the West a general sense of inequality has taken center stage, exacerbated by how few bankers face prosecution. In the United States and United Kingdom, feelings of living inan unequal society are backed by facts. The EU deals with a youth unemployment that is most acute;it repeats to a lesser degree across industrialized nations. Many live, correctly, that we are living through an unsustainavble status quo. Since Uranus-Pluto hard aspects (quadrature alignments) often coincide with disruptive evens such as the French Revolution, these circumstances come as no surprise.The important question here is what a Uranus-Neptune and Uranus-Pluto hard aspects back-t-back with less than a decade feel like?