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 Uranus-Neptune Hard Aspects 19th and 20th Centuries

A sense of nationalism pervades 1822Uranus--Neptune1992

  • 1822Uranus-Neptune1992~1822-1825-(conjunction 00°)::post-Napolenic Wars, Europe returns to unworkable pre-war status quo;
    fight for Greek independence, also across South America
  • ~1867-1872-(square 90°): spate of national unification:Canada, US,Italy, Germany, Austro-Hungary;
    Japan chooses Western-style governance
  • ~1904-1912: Europe lurches  from one international crisis to another:
    • Moroccan Crisis
    • Russo-Japanese War
    • Triple Entente
    • Young Turk Revolution
    • Bosnia-Herzogovina annexed
    • Turko-Italian and Balkan Wars
  • ~1952-1958-(square-270°): Suez CanalCrisis, French lose Algeria,Indo-China; Cold War escalates into nuclear conflict;
    European Union first formed; Korean War

If this sequence holds, we should expect events of similsr msgnitude in the lste 2030s and early 2040s. Aperfunctory guess would center around the shift to Asia, a reduction in US power and heavy stress in Europe to compete.. It is yet another reason  we should expect the 2040s to herald a half-century of uncertainty as nations choose new ways to deal with the realities of the 21st Century.