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 Uranus-Pluto Uprisings

As Uranus moved toward its longitudinal conjunction with Pluto in 1851 Europe wrestled with the 1848 Revolutions. The Uranus-Pluto wave it inaugrated 1851-1965 carried the signature of that period across its range. At its core, the Revolutions and events of the 1850s came as industrial societies began to accelerate growth. As the Revolutions began there were no labor unions; by 1965 they played a central role across the world. The first feminist conference in Seneca Falls, 1848, launched with few followers, with women lacking the vote; by the mid-1960s women had the vote and feminism would move to its Second Wave. 

  • ~1851-1856-(conjunction 00°): Industrialism mostly British; Communist Manifesto (1848); feminism, abolition movements begin
  • ~1874-1879-(square 90°): 1873 Panic of Vienna leads to Long Depression; labor and socialist movements crystalize
  • ~1899-1903-(opposition 180°): socialist and workers' movements consolidate in Europe; unions limited in US; US anti-trust laws enforced 
  • ~1931-1934-(square 270°): fascism, ostensibly created to fight socialism; established in Europe; Soviet Union consolidates power; world recovers from global Great Depression

Uranus moved into exact conjunction with Pluto in 1965 and 1966, but was within a few degrees for most of the 1960s. The nascent industrialism at the 1850s conjunction had expanded into entirely new dimensions, with its class implications moving with it. The Cold War peaked in the 1960s, pitting a socialist industrial complex against a capitalist one. One thing was for sure.The industrial base was the new foundation on which societies built.
The next chapter in industrialism, 1966-2104, is built on an invention of the 1960s: the Internet.
Much like the previous chapter, the new one revolves around industry and labor. Its concerns, however, almost oppose previous aims. Labor is global. Few geographic restrictions protect it. At the same time, wages and salaries supports present economies. Trends of labor versus industry are on an unsustainable path.

What  the global society decides or decides not to do during the 2010s Uranus-Pluto square determines much of the path 2035-2085.