2040s Here-An Outer Planet History: 2040s

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 A Sum of Its Parts

The confluence of evidence should make us sit up and take notice. If Uranus, Neptune, Pluto hard aspects coincides with historical turning points, two in the 2040s overlap. Further, they begin a pattern that reflects the one 1867-1920, leading up to and including World War I. The pattern technically begins in 2035 and ends in 2085.

Challenges Ahead

Outer planet measurements may simply confirm what we may figure out without them. Nothing wrong with confirmation. Think of Measuring History as another tool.Some may use it, others not. Either way, a cursory look at the 2040s and beyond by any method points to great challenges ahead. More than that, it suggests dealing with a paradox that could take centuries to answer: how to live in abundance at the edge of collapse. (More on paradox at Paradox2140:Progress)

'God is Dead and we have killed him'

Our greatest challenge is our collective success. Humans have adapted to live on every corner of the planet. The most prevalent economic demand is middle-class security. Politicians must offer more than a chicken in every pot. The experiement over the next few decades is whether or not a majority of the planet's population can live in relative abundance. This potential arrives through human ingenuity and ability, magnified daily via every better technology. When Nietzsche said 'God is Dead and we have killed him' he was thinking of this paradox. We can no longer blame nature for disaster. The planet is now in human hands.
We can see Why the 2040s are Already Here by combining observations. Outer planet measurements tell us that after the 2010s decade of profound social change, the late 2030s and early 2040s is when we can expect the developments of this magnitude. When you look there, you can only conclude that our current path leads toward preventable collapse. If Not Now,When?