Using Outer Planet Pairs to Navigate the Post-Modern World

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 ~1399 God Has Left Us

The fear at the dawn of the 15th Century was that God had forlorn humanity because the corrupt Roman Church had lost its way. The Black Plague surpassed the half-century mark; up to three popes claimed the throne in what became the Great Western Schism. Some even whispered reform. As most recall, reform eventually turned into Reformation. It was that process that lead to the Modern Era.

Before delving too closely into detail, I want to state that the 495-year Neptune-Pluto cycle can be evaluated via hard aspect or quadrature alignment:

Generic planetary Wave   Lunar Cycle in Wave From  
 basicwave-arc    lunarwave  
Saturn-Pluto Wave   Neptune-Pluto Cycle  
 wave-orbit-comparison-saturn-pluto    neppluwave  

 This means that the relationship between hard aspects work across all planetary cycles and, in theory across history.