The Return of Measuring History

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The Hiatus

What is Measuring History?

The grounding concept that underlies Measuring History is quite simple. The quadrature alignments of the outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto provide a logical means to measure history. Like many simple things, the act of measuring anything, comes to mind, it offers many useful and complex outcomes.
I understand from the beginning why many, astrologers included, have trouble grasping why such a simple method has such a potent outcome. Why the outer planets? Why quadrature alignments? My best answer is that it works. It works, in some ways, better than stand historiography and in many ways, better than the mundane astrology I began to study in the late 1970s.

You've Been Here Many Times Before


We have lived with quadrature alignments for so long, they barely register any more. Our weeks, more or less, derived from the cycles of the moon, reflect the quadrature alignment of the lunar cycles. Governments, business any large or small organization use a fiscal year that includes quarterly reports. The food we eat, how and when we get to work, enjpy our lives are in way or another segmented by the seasons. The seasons come and go according to another quadrature alignment process. Humans have relied on it for millenia.
Measuring History simply applies this system to the outer planets.

Why the Outer Planets

Some historians divide history dy decades or centuries. Makes sense. Break a complex into more manageable pieces. Outer planet measurements essentially follow the same method. Outer planet cycles in Measuring Historyuse planet pairs; Richard Tarnas in Cosmos and psyche calls them planetary archetypes. Either way, their utility comes from the range they cover. From the near decade of Jupiter-Pluto cycles the half-millenial Neptune-Pluto ones, the outer planets releibaly orbit at frequencies easy to fathom.

All of this is explained in How To Measure History via the Outer Planets. What you should leave with here is that Measuring History is simply a different way of seeing history. It complements history by offering a more holistic view of it. Measuring History also makes a great tool for examaning the future. A big claim for a simple concept, I know. Only you can judge if it works for you.

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